Sammy’s Journey

Chapter One

A rooster crowed off in the distance. Morning had finally arrived. The other dogs in the cages next to mine began to stir. Soon the nice people that took care of us would be here. That meant we’d get to go outside and they’d also give us food. Food sounded spectacular. While stretching out, I realized just how much room I had. My sister was recently adopted so, that meant I had a kennel to myself now. We went to adoptions a week ago and I watched as a family carried her away. One of the rescue volunteers placed me back into a kennel in the van. She gave me a loving pet on the head. “Sorry Sam, perhaps next week you’ll find your forever home.” I was brought back to the facility along with a few other dogs. Each day is the same. We wake up, get walked, get fed, get walked again, get fed again and then lights out until the next day.

Today, I was taken out for a walk and then given a bath. I tried my best to squirm away as the lukewarm water was poured on me. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to escape. It honestly wasn’t so bad when the soap was applied. The lady giving me a bath was massaging my fur and it felt nice. A few moments passed and then water was poured over me again. Once they had finished washing me, I was dried off and then placed inside of a kennel in the back of the van. Apparently it was adoption day again.  Other dogs were being placed in cages beside me. We ran over and sniffed one another through the bars. The doors to the van were closed and then the engine started. I absolutely hate car rides. They make me feel sick so, I curled up in a ball and tried to sleep. Every bump in the road made my stomach churn. Right about now it would be nice to have my sister beside me. We use to cuddle up beside each other and it always made me feel better.

The van came to a stop and the engine was shut off. The humans got out and started to unload us. We were taken for walks in the grass and told to “go potty.” After a little bit of walking we were taken into a store and placed into crates again. People started walking over and looking at us. Sometimes hands would reach through the bars to scratch us. I’d kiss and nibble at the fingers that were rubbing me. There were children begging their parents “can we PLEASE get him, mom?” This went on all day long. Occasionally, I was taken outside for walks or someone would ask to hold me. I watched other dogs get adopted and leave with their new families. What was I doing wrong? Where is my new family? Why couldn’t I have just gone with my sister? I decided to lie down and take a nap.

Time went by and finally we were being loaded back into the van. One of the volunteers lifted me into the kennel and said, “You’ll find a home Sam. Don’t you worry. We are going to send you to a foster parent for training. That should help.” A few more dogs were loaded in the van and then the doors were closed. I went to the back of the kennel and curled up into a tiny ball. The car turned on and we were head back to the facility. While we were on the road I kept thinking about the families that passed me by. There were a few times I thought I was going to be adopted. However, most people decided against me because of my black coat. I was apparently too mouthy at times. Some people were even afraid I’d have too much energy for them. The van stopped and we were all unloaded. We went for a walk and then back to our kennels where food awaited us.

There was the sound of a car pulling up outside the facility. The humans started talking and I heard my name mentioned. A few moments later, one of the nice ladies came in and put a collar on my neck. She then attached a leash to the collar and we walked outside. There was another dog being taken out so, I barked at him. My leash was then passed over to another human. They continued to talk for a bit. After some time had passed we walked over to a car. I was picked up and put inside of a kennel. This one smelled different than other kennels that I had been in. The entire vehicle had a strong scent but, it was of two specific dogs, dogs that I had never met before. The hatch to the car was closed and then two humans got into the vehicle. The car turned on and started moving. Not another car ride. Maybe if I curl up in a ball and sleep I won’t get sick. These new humans talked about many things. Occasionally I heard my name mentioned. They said something about how I’m their first foster pup and if things go smoothly they’ll keep fostering more dogs.

About 45 minutes had gone by since we left the facility. The car parked and the humans got out. They were talking about some sort of introduction. The man got out of the car and went inside of the building. Finally, the hatch was opened and I was taken out of the crate. I was placed on the ground and I began sniffing around. The air here smelled differently than the facility. It was also quiet here. The lady holding my leash squatted next to me and began petting me. Moments later the man came back outside with a large brown dog. We sniffed each other and after a few minutes she was taken back into the building. The man came back out again and this time he had a tri-colored dog with him. We also began sniffing at each other. I recognized both of these dogs from their scent in the car. The man ended up taking this dog back into the building as well. After a little while of walking around the lady picked me up and carried me inside of the building.

The inside of this new location smelled strongly of the two dogs that I had just met. I learned that their names were Valkyrie and Cesear. They were walking along beside the lady, sniffing me and following us into a large room. One of the humans made my two new friends leave the room and they placed something called a baby gate between us. I was placed on the floor and the humans sat down with me. While exploring my new environment the humans tossed over some toys to me. They began to play with me and I loved it. This whole being fostered thing seems like a good thing to me.

The nice lady gave me some water. After that she started telling the two men in the house what the “rules for Sam” were. I didn’t like the sound of this. Afterwards, I was put back on leash and walked in the yard. She told me to “go potty” and when I went she handed me a treat. We went back inside and I was placed into a crate. There was soft music playing in the room now. The nice lady whispered “goodnight Sammy” to me. The light went out and the door closed. Now I was completely alone. This wasn’t right. Why weren’t the other dogs in the room with me? I began to whimper and when that did no good I started to bark. This didn’t seem to be helping either. Finally, I curled up into a small ball and went to sleep.

Morning came and the nice lady was rushing around the house. She took me outside and told me to “go potty.” I was given one of those delicious treats every time I went. We went back inside and she fed me my food. At the facility I was given a bowl to eat out. This new lady likes to feed me my food from her hands. She kept putting the food up to my nose and then slowly taking it above my head. I tried to follow it but, my head could only look back so far. Eventually I gave up and put my butt on the floor. The lady seemed happy with this; she yelled “Wahoo!! Good job!” She handed me some kibble. We did this a few more times until she said she had to go to work. She placed me back in the kennel. I didn’t want the nice treat lady to leave so I tried to run back out. She was faster than me though and closed the door before I could get out. She left the room and I heard her say goodbye to the other dogs. Then she said goodbye to the two men. Apparently one is her brother and the other is her fiancé.

The two guys randomly let me out of the kennel throughout the day. We would go outside to potty and then play for a bit. This is how the routine went every day: wake up, go potty, eat, train, kennel, out to potty, play, and then kennel, potty, eat, play, train, potty, kennel, and then sleep. The nice treat lady and her fiancé worked daily which meant I was left with the brother. He wore boots and walked heavily through the house. I could always tell when he was coming to release me from my crate by the sound of his boots. Sammy’s Warden, that’s what the treat lady referred to him as.

Just like every other day the Warden allowed me to have play time. He sat in “the dog room” with me and we played together. Suddenly, I wasn’t feeling so great and I started coughing. This kept happening throughout the day. The Warden seemed concerned and spent a lot of time with me. When the treat lady arrived home she gave me something called medicine and said I wouldn’t be able to go to adoptions this week. Since we weren’t going to adoptions she worked with me more on different commands. We have another week where she could teach me more fun things. I now knew how to do sit, lie down, and leave it. We also worked on taking items gently, drop it and walking nicely on a leash.

With each day that passed by, I could sense a change in the treat lady. Despite her best efforts to find me a forever home, I could sense that she didn’t want me to leave. Adoption day was quickly approaching and I was feeling better. The treat lady’s emotions were like a roller coaster. She wanted me to go to the right family but, at the same time she wanted me to stay. We played on the floor for a while and then she picked up her phone. I could vaguely make out the sound of her fiancé on the phone. She mentioned that I reminded her of a young Cesear. They discussed adoption stuff. Excitement and joy radiated off of the treat lady. She gave me a kiss on the snout and told me good things were heading my way.

A couple days later, the treat lady put my leash on me and loaded me up in the car. I listened to her singing along with the radio. She seemed excited about something. When we arrived at the store she took me over to the people from the facility. We walked passed all the other dogs in their cages. They were sniffing me through the bars and barking. The treat lady sat down in a chair and had me sit beside her. She gave me the sit command and handed me a treat. A few people came over and talked with her while she filled out some papers. They kept saying “foster failure”. People were walking near us and saying hello to all the dogs in the cages. It wasn’t until a little girl came over and pet me that I became nervous. Wait, is the treat lady sending me back to the facility? Am I going to be placed into one of these cages? One of the ladies from the facility came over, “here, I’ll hold him while you finish that.” She took the leash from the treat lady. At first I was nervous. I thought she’d take me away but, we just sat there and she started petting me.

The treat lady finished the paper work and then we were taken to a different spot. She picked me up and one of the ladies from the rescue group took a couple photos of us. Afterwards, she came up and told me to be good for my new mommy. New mommy? I didn’t understand what she meant. The treat lady put me down and we walked around the store. She grabbed a lime green collar and let me pick out a toy. We went through the checkout line and then made a shiny tag. The treat lady put the tag on the lime green collar and then put the collar around my neck. We went back outside and to the car. When we arrived to the car the treat lady picked me up and kissed me on the snout. Then she locked me inside the kennel and closed the hatch. We made the drive back to the house. When we arrived the treat lady took me out of the car and said “Welcome home, Sammy Moose.” It was that moment where I realized I had been adopted. The treat lady was my new mommy. I finally had a home and a family of my own.


Chapter Two

Life had changed and it was even better than I had expected. Since I had been adopted my new mom, my dad and the Warden started allowing me to explore the house more. There was so much to do. There were toys to destroy. A thing called a coffee table that I liked to chew on. My teeth were bothering me and chewing on this made them hurt a little less. My new family didn’t seem pleased with me when I did this though. They mentioned something about not wanting my puppy teeth engraving on the furniture. Whenever I began chewing on something that “isn’t a chew toy,” they would hand me things like a rope toys or a kong filled with frozen peanut butter to chew on instead. Frozen peanut butter is my new favorite!
There were also these really comfy things in the house like a bed and a couch. I enjoyed shredding the sheets on the bed but, mom wasn’t to happy about me doing that either. The humans must have decided to change my full name. Originally they decided my name would be Samuel Moose. I was named after a character from some T.V. show mom watches called Supernatural. Lately though, they were always calling me “Sammy, Bad Dog! No! What Are You Eating? Drop It!” I learned pretty quickly when I heard this full name to take off running. Usually this resulted in a fun game of keep away. I really enjoyed playing this game with the Warden. Unfortunately, he usually caught me. Then he would mumble a few choice words and place me inside my kennel.

The kennel wasn’t so bad. I wasn’t in it nearly as much as when I first arrived here. I still had to sleep in it at night. I was also placed in there while mom went to work. Once she was home though, I was allowed to roam. I mentioned the couch earlier, it is one of my favorite places. It is nice and soft. It’s also where Valkyrie usually likes to hang out. We played tug and also wrestled a little up on it. There are these things called throw pillows on it. I was playing with one and white fuzz exploded out of it. The humans weren’t to pleased about this. I’ve also been in trouble a few times for peeing on the cushions of the couch. When ya got to go, ya got to go.

My new found freedom allowed me to spend time with Cesear and Valkyrie. I learned pretty quickly that Cesear didn’t like me getting in his face. He would only tolerate my puppy antics for so long. Valkyrie on the other hand, we became two peas in a pod. She was more up to speed with me. The humans all joked that Valkyrie was my momma dog. Anywhere she went or anything she did, I just had to be right beside her. Our parents were always reminding her to be gentle with me. Valkyrie was excited to have me around to play with. Before I came along she really didn’t have anyone to keep her entertained. While yes, she had Cesear but he is old, he sleeps a lot and he can’t really keep up with her. She also had our parents to take her on long walks and train her. Having me around though gave her someone to run in the yard with and someone to rough house with. My adoption into the family seemed to benefit everyone in some way or another.

During outside time, I was occasionally allowed to explore off leash in the backyard. As soon as the leash came off I made sure to bolt over to Valkyrie. She would always do a play bow and would take off running. She was extremely fast. I had to work hard to keep up with her. We raced around the shed. Dirt went flying up behind us as we ran. We did a few laps around the yard. Sometimes I’d actually catch up to Valkyrie. Whenever I did she’d throw herself onto the ground and would allow me to climb all over her. We’d wrestle in the dirt and scruff one another. Cesear would occasionally bark at us if we got to close to him or if we were being to rough with each other. Mom called him the referee. By the time we were finished I was a slimey and slobbery mess. Mom let out a sigh and started trying to wipe away as much of the dirt as she could. She called us gross and dirty pups.

Dad had been busy putting water into something called a kiddy pool. Mom went inside for a bit and when she returned she had changed into a bathing suit. She picked me up and carried me over to the pool. The next thing I knew we were both sitting in cool water. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in or get out. I tried walking to the side to jump out but, mom grabbed me and put me back in the middle of the pool.
“You’re part lab Sam. You should like being in the water buddy.”
I’m not sure what she meant by being part lab. The water thing wasn’t so bad. A stick from the tree next to us fell into the water. I went over and picked it up. Mom kept taking it away from me and tossing it to the other side of the pool.
Why do humans do that? You bring them something and then they take it away. A few seconds later they throw it and tell you to go get it. After a few times of doing this I finally stopped. If she wants to throw it then she can get it herself.
“Are you done with this game Sammy?”
Yes, mom! If you want the stick so badly, you can get it yourself. She started splashing me with water and so I pounced on her hands. We played for a bit and then Valkyrie came flying into the kiddy pool with us. She started biting at the water and finally She leaped out of the pool. I watched as she jumped over the side and decided that I wanted to do that too. Unfortunately, my legs aren’t as long as hers so, I couldn’t make it over. Mom picked me up though and then Dad handed her a towel.

We went into the patio and she began drying me off. Dad started drying off Valkyrie as well. I loved being dried off. Valkyrie seemed to enjoy it as well. We both kept throwing our bodies into our humans and into the towels. Once we were finally deemed to be dry enough they allowed us back into the house. Suddenly, I had the urge to run and so did Valkyrie. We chased each other around the house. She went flying up on to the couch. I tried to follow suite but, these little legs of mine couldn’t make it up on the couch without help. I can’t wait to be grown up and be a big dog like her. Since I couldn’t go up and over the couch, I ran around the other side. Valkyrie was waiting for me in the dog room. She was crouched into a play bow just waiting to pounce on me. I bolted into the room with her and we began wrestling some more. Dad came in the room with us and started playing too.
After a while we all finally got tired. Dad was laying on the floor in the room with us. Valkyrie is apparently a daddy’s girl so, she went and cuddled up with him. I decided to curl up on his feet and we all fell asleep.

I awoke rather quickly to the sound of the food container opening in the dog room. DINNER TIME! I jumped up, ran around the room and started barking in excitement. Any time where there is food involved is my favorite. They had placed the baby gate up in between the dog room and the kitchen to separate me from the two older dogs. Mom passed Cesear’s and Valkyrie’s dog bowls to Dad. Then she came over and sat on the floor with me. We began working on tricks. Each time I did one correctly she gave me some of my kibble. Today we were working on “take a bow.” While I was standing up, mom took a piece of kibble to my nose and had me follow it down to the floor and in between my two front paws. My front paws slid out in front of me and my butt was still in the air. I heard the sound of the clicker which meant I did something right and my food reward was soon to come.
“Good bow, Sammy.”
She handed me a couple pieces of kibble and then we continued. After about 6 times of doing this she looked at me and said “take a bow.” There was no hand signal or kibble to guide me this time but, I knew exactly what she wanted now. I slid my two front paws out in front of me and kept my butt up in the air. I couldn’t control my tail though. I was way to excited about the food I knew I’d be getting in just a few seconds.
“Wahoo!!! Good boy, Sammy!!”
This time she handed me a larger portion of my meal which meant I did really well with the command. She called Dad in the room and had me show him the new trick. Out of all the tricks I’ve learned so far, this one is my favorite. We also worked on all the other tricks that I had been taught while the other dogs finished eating their food. There was also a neat puzzle toy mom put some of my food in. At first this was pretty challenging. I could smell the food inside of the puzzle but, I couldn’t see it. Mom showed me there was a rope handle that could be used to lift the puzzle piece out and underneath is where the food was. She placed the puzzle piece back and then it was my turn. I scratched at it at first and started biting the side of the contraption. Finally, I put my teeth on the rope and started to back away. The piece lifted up and then fell when I let go. I tried again and this time turned my head to the side. The puzzle piece came out so, I dropped it to the side. As quickly as I could I went back to the puzzle piece holder and inside was my reward. I gobbled up the kibble inside and moved to the next puzzle piece. There were three in total. Mom was thrilled that I had figured out this new contraption. She had me work on the puzzle a few times and told me that I was one smart pup.

After a while. Dad moved the baby gate and I was allowed back in with the big dogs. I ran into the kitchen and checked their bowls for scraps. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave anything behind. Valkyrie and I were allowed to play for a while. We ran around the house and played tug. Eventually the humans took us outside for our last potty break of the night. Night time potty breaks I had to remain on leash for. Once we did our business we went back into the house. I watched my parents do their same nightly routine. They cleaned up the house, mom changed for bed and Dad was packing up something called a suitcase. Dad didn’t live with us just yet but, they talked about him moving in soon. He was leaving tonight to go back to his home. This meant he wouldn’t be back until the following weekend. Valkyrie was pouting on the couch when she saw Dad carrying the bag. Dad made his rounds saying goodbye to all of us and told us to be good for Mom. Once Dad said goodbye to me, mom picked me up and put me inside my kennel. There was music playing lightly in the background. She kissed me on the snout.
“Goodnight Sammy.”
The kennel door was closed and the light to the room was shut off. The room was now dark and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. I heard the sound of the door closing to the dog room. Today had been another good day and suddenly I realized just how tired I was from it. I curled up on the blanket that was in my kennel. Then I closed my eyes and soon enough I began dreaming of chasing Valkyrie in the yard.


Chapter Three

Every day had the same routine. We wake up and then go out into the back yard. Mom tell us all to go potty. After we do our business, we come back into the house and then mom knocks on the warden’s door. We have to wait for him to get out of bed and get ready. While we wait, I watch as mom walks into the entryway of the house. Our leashes are hung up on the wall in there. She reached up and grabbed the purple leash off the wall. She then attached it onto my sister Valkyrie’s collar. I knew what this meant, It was time for our morning walk. I wasn’t to crazy about leaving the house but, since Valkyrie was going I guess I had better go too. I laid down on the ground to let Mom know that I wasn’t pleased about going on a walk. As always she laughed at me and attached the green leash to my matching green collar. I heard the door to the warden’s room open followed by the sound of his boots. It was time.
The Warden and Valkyrie walked out the door ahead of us. Mom grabbed her keys and out the door we went. While Mom made sure the front door was locked the Warden took Valkyrie down to the end of the driveway. I tried to run and follow but, was jerked backwards when I hit the end of the leash. I forgot that thing was attached to mom’s arm. Mom bent down and made sure I didn’t hurt myself. When she was convinced that I was alright then we began walking down the driveway. The warden took this as his cue to being walking again. Unfortunately, I have little legs so, I had to run in order to remain beside them. I tried as hard as I could to keep up but, mom insisted on stopping every few steps. At first I was angry but, then I realized she brought treats with her. They smelled like bacon. She ask me to sit. I did what she wanted me too even though I’d prefer to continue walking with Valkyrie. Since I did as mom asked I was rewarded with a delicious treat. I was correct, it was a bacon treat!
“Alright Sammy, now walk nicely.”
I had no idea what “walk nicely” meant. She didn’t offer any other treats so, I assumed I was free to get up. Valkyrie and the warden were a few feet ahead of us at this point. The warden had realized we had stopped so, he was waiting for us. I tried to bolt ahead to them but, then I heard mom say “no, Sammy,” she brought out another treat and made me sit again. This time she didn’t give me my reward right away.
“Walk nice Sam.”
She put the treat up to my nose and we started walking. I tried to nip at the treat in her hand some but, she was to good at anticipating my moves. She maneuvered her hand out of the way. I watched her hand closely as we were walking. Finally she allowed me to take the treat. This continued on for a while. She would tell me I was a “good boy” and she also kept saying “good job, walk nice.” We followed the sidewalk until we reached another road. Everyone including Valkyrie stopped. I watched as when Valkyrie stopped she immediately sat down. Mom grabbed another treat from her pocket. I started moving around in excitement.
“Sammy, stop.”
I didn’t understand what this meant either but, I stood still and waited for her to reward me.
“Good boy, now sit.”
I sat down and she gave me lots of praise along with the reward.
“Good boy Sammy! Good stop and sit”.
She looked both ways and then said,
“Okay, lets walk.”
A treat was placed up to my nose and I gladly followed it. It smelled delicious. We all crossed the street together and continued on our way. Once we were safely across the street I was rewarded with that delicious goodness in mom’s hand. Mom and the Warden made lots of small talk on these walks. We also continued to practice this whole stop and sit thing randomly on our way around the neighborhood. Although our daily routine was always the same, things were always changing outside. There were people getting in and out of their vehicles, dogs barking, random cats sitting in yards, garbage cans at the end of driveways and even daring squirrels that would run passed us. Valkyrie always watched them intensely as we walked by. We would eventually make it back home and then mom would give us our puppy food.
After today’s walk I am beyond starving. Those treats were a good snack but, I’m ready for my meal. Mom and the Warden began prepping our food bowls. As always, Valkyrie and Cesear were allowed to eat directly from their bowl. They were fed inside the kitchen. Me on the other hand, mom took me into a different room. She still insisted on hand feeding me my food and making me work for it as well. I gladly did the commands she asked for.
After we had all finished eating, mom left us with the Warden while she got ready for work. I’m not a fan of this work thing that she does. It means I’m going to be stuck in my kennel the majority of the day. Occasionally the Warden will come let me out but, it won’t be for long. I much prefer when mom is home.
Once Mom was finished getting ready for work we were allowed into the backyard one last time. We did our business and then we were told to come back inside. Then just like I suspected, mom placed me back into my kennel. She said goodbye to me, turned out the light and closed the door to the room I was kept in. They referred to this room as the dog room. There is a giant kennel that belongs to Valkyrie in this room. Apparently she did not need to be in her kennel though since the Warden was temporarily living here. Valkyrie has something called separation anxiety so, she isn’t allowed to be loose during the day unless someone is home. She’s lucky.
It turned out that Mom had put a nice soft blanket in my kennel so, I decided to lay on it. Since I’m stuck in here I might as well get comfy. I’ve come to accept my fate of being trapped in this prison. Now I just have to wait until the Warden decides to release me from my cell again.
I must have dosed off because suddenly I heard the Warden’s boots approaching my kennel. I jumped up as the door to my cell opened. As quickly as possible I bolted out the door. In my excitement I became suddenly aware that I needed to go potty. The Warden was trying to place the green leash back onto my collar but, he was taking to long. There was no avoiding what happened next. When you got to go… well, you got to go.
“SAMMY!! NO!!”
The Warden had a very deep voice. People have said he should be a radio announcer with a voice like that. This time his voice took on a different tone. I could tell he was annoyed. He leashed me up and took me outside. We walked around the backyard a bit. Since I had already gone potty inside the dog room I really didn’t need to go again. I tried to grab a couple sticks in the yard but, the Warden didn’t allow it. He took me back into the house and walked me to the dog room. He unleashed me and placed me back in my cell. I watched through the bars as he left the room. A few moments later he returned with paper towels, cleaner and the trash can. As he was wiping up my accident he glanced over at me.
“Bad boy Sam.”
He put the paper towels in the trash can. Sprayed the floor with a horrible smelling cleaner and then wiped it up. He threw these away and then removed the trash bag. He left the room again with the bag and I heard the sound of the side door open. The door closed and then the Warden returned to my room. He walked right passed my kennel and turned out the light. After that he went back into the main part of the house and he closed off my room from the rest of the world.
The hours in the day seemed long. I slept the majority of the time. Other times I chewed on the blanket mom had placed in the kennel with me. There were times I also barked my head off in hopes it would earn me my release from the prison. Sadly this wasn’t the case. After much time has passed Mom finally arrived home. I was so excited when she let me out that I had another accident on the floor. I tried to apologize by giving her kisses while she cleaned it up. Once she finished then we went out into the backyard again for another potty break. After that came dinner time! The routine was the same as this morning. The other two ate in the kitchen as Mom hand fed me in another room.
The night was coming to its end. I knew this because everyone had changed for bed. I still had a lot of pent up energy so, I decided to run around a bit. The humans referred to this as a case of the zoomies.
“Sammy, calm down buddy. Let’s do some training.”
I watched as mom walked into the dog room. I followed her. She grabbed some treats and began opening the bag. I was so excited that I jumped straight up. Unfortunately, I didn’t consider my landing. Upon landing I felt a sharp pain in my rear leg. I yelped in pain. Mom was there beside me.
“It’s okay buddy, you’re okay.”
I tried to stand up but, I couldn’t put my leg down. It hurt to much. Mom picked me up and placed me in her lap. The Warden came out to see what happened. I could sense everyone’s concern and it scared me. Mom took her phone out of her pocket. I heard her explain what happened. My leg was throbbing but, mom held me close which brought a little comfort. After a few moments she carried me to get her purse and her car keys. She told the Warden we were heading to the ER Vet. I didn’t like the sound of this mainly because I hate car rides. The pain in my leg took hold and suddenly I didn’t care about the up coming car ride. I was placed on a few blankets in the front seat. Mom got into the driver side.
“It’s okay Sammy. We are going to make you feel better.” With that we were off to this ER vet.