Rainbow bridge


Ever since I was a pup, you’ve always told me to “go get that light”. It’s my favorite game in the whole wide world. Today, as I laid with my head resting on your arm – a new light appeared. It was the brightest light I’ve ever seen so, I decided to go after it. This new light caused the rest of the world to disappear. I knew you were there with me but, you seemed so far away. It was strange because although I heard you, I couldn’t see you. I wanted to go back to find you. You sounded so sad. You were telling me how much you loved me, that I was such a good boy and it was okay to go. I took this as encouragement to keep going further after the light. All I’ve ever wanted to do was please you. Well, that and of course get that light.

Oh yeah, mentioning of that light, going after it has definitely been worth all those training sessions we did over the years. You do remember those right? You would say “do you want your light” and then you’d make me chase after it. Well, I sure did chase this one today. Guess what? You won’t believe what I found while following it, The prize at the end is incredible.

There is a bridge here with all sorts of furry friends – you know how I love to make friends! As I went through the crowd, sniffing, whining, and baying out loud. I saw her! She’s been sitting anxiously waiting. I found her! I found my sister! Akira is here with me! Now that we are together, we’re patiently staying right here. We both miss you dearly. We are waiting for the day to come when you arrive and we can cross the bridge, side by side, as one. Until then, we will be here, sitting, watching, protecting you from afar, and loyally waiting for the day that you come home to us. We love you!