Happy Easter


Colorful plastic eggs were being filled with hot dog bits and other delicious smelling treats. We all sat patiently watching as our parents put something into each one and then snapped it shut. Sammy of course couldn’t contain his excitement over food being out. He was jumping all over the counter tops and so our parents kept calling him by his full name “Sammy! Bad dog! No!! Get down!” He finally sat down next to me. He gave me a panicked and starved look. He is the type that of puppy where even after he eats, he still wants more. Mom sometimes calls him “pudgie puppy.” I tried to reassure him and give him a lick on the snout. Sorry, little dude, this is part of the process. Mom and Dad will be done soon, then they will hide these and then we get to find them. You’ll get a reward for each find.

There was a clicking sound of the last egg closing. They put the eggs into a small box and then Dad began heading to the back door. Sammy was determined to jump up and steal the box from him. Such a greedy little fella. Luckily, Mom grabbed his collar and Dad was able to slip out the door. Once the door had closed, we all followed mom over the rest of the way to the sliding glass door. We could now watch as Dad placed the plastic eggs sporadically around the yard. He seemed to be placing this batch down in pretty obvious spots. Then he headed back to the door. “Cesear,” mom called, “you’re going to go first old guy.” She opened the door and he tried to go out quickly. A turtle could probably out run him. Mom reassured us that they’d be back and we’d have our own turn. Sammy didn’t approve. He began barking and occasionally jumping on the door. Dad yelled “Sammy! Bad dog! No!! Get down!!” I decided to help and barked at Sammy as well.

We watched as Cesear walked throughout the yard. He seemed to be having some difficulties finding some. Mom would stand near and give him an idea where the eggs were. He had a different way of telling Mom of his find. I’m required to do a command called “show me.” It’s where I have to find the egg and then lay beside it. Mom then walks over, picks it up and then gives me the reward inside. Cesear on the other hand, he is pawing at the eggs on the ground and occasionally it pops open for him. Mom and Dad were smiling and laughing at how excited Cesear was getting. An eternity passed by but, they finally brought him inside with the empty egg shells.

Mom took me into a different room and closed the door behind us. My hunts are more challenging and I’m not allowed to watch as they are hidden. I heard the invisible lady that lives in our home announce that the “living room door” had opened. I’m not sure who she is but, she talks every time a door or window opens. She also makes a horrible high pitch beeping noise if my parents forget to hit some buttons on the box on the wall. Anyway, her talking meant that Dad must have gone back outside.
“Valkyrie, it’s your turn next pretty girl. Let’s see if you remember how to do this.”
Seriously? I barked at her. Did you just doubt my intelligence? I just explained the game to Sammy like 10 minutes ago. You do remember that I’m a malinois and I’m born for this type of stuff right? Mom started to laugh at my barking. “Calm down Valley girl. Daddy is almost done and then you can go.”
I considered barking at her but, that nice lady chimed in to say the door had opened. Mom opened the door to the room we had been waiting in. I ran out as fast as I could! It was my time to shine. To prove to my parents that I am an egg hunting pro. In my attempt to get out quick I forgot to hit the brakes while I turned the hall corner. The collision with the wall was not pretty. There were eggs to hunt though. I got up and gave my parents my best “I meant to do that” face and kept going. Mom made me stop and looked me over. She laughed and said “such a Mali.” Dad held the other two dogs back and Mom let me outside.

It was time to announce my excitement to the world. It’s hunting time! I began running in circles barking. Mom gave the “go find them” command. I ran through the yard and began sniffing. The smell of dirt, grass, fresh air, other animals, neighbors and other things began to fill my nose. I did a lap around the yard just to get the scent of things. Running around the back side of the shed there was a different smell in the air. I doubled back and put my nose to the ground. Slowly, I began watching the ground and sniffing every few steps. The smell was getting stronger. I pushed my nose in the dirt and took a whiff. Bingo! I laid down and pointed my nose at the spot. Mom walked over and checked out where I was indication. She pulled a purple egg from the ground and opened it. She gave me the delicious hot dog inside and then told me to go find more. I gladly got up and bolted.

There were some on top of the fence, under leaves, on the base of the tree trunk, in the grass and hidden under things as well. Each time I made sure to indicate my find. Mom would walk over and give me the delicious morsels inside. My parents seemed very proud of me. Once they said that we were “all done”, I pranced my way back into the patio area. This was the type of thing that I loved to do. Mom always mentions how she wants to get me into search and rescue. She has tried to get me in it a few times but, we’ve had some set backs with timing or just life in general. Perhaps one day this will become a fun job for me to do.

We went back inside and I jumped up on the couch. Sammy’s turn was next. It’s his first egg hunt so, it should be entertaining. Dad went back outside and began hiding the eggs again. Cesear was fast asleep on his dog bed beside the couch. Suddenly, a wave of exhaustion hit me as well. It’s been a good day. I think I’ll follow his lead and take a nap as well. I glanced at Sammy who was impatiently waiting for his turn to hunt eggs. Good luck little one. My eye lids were starting to feel heavy. Little black dots started dancing before my eyes. Mom kissed me on the head. “Happy Easter, Valkyrie! Get some rest. You did good.” Time to go dream about finding more of those colorful eggs and the delicious goods inside.

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. What a fun story! My kids are too old for egg hunts, so Easter isn’t quite the same. I do have two Chihuahuas and a Chihuahua mix that are basically​my kids now. I see an egg hunt happening for us next Easter! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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    • Melanie,
      Thank you for taking the time to read this story and for leaving a comment. The Easter egg hunt with the dogs is always a fun tradition to do for us. I would suggest starting inside the house and placing the eggs out in open areas to start with. Once your chihuahuas get use to the game then you can make it more challenging. Make sure to put extra stinky treats inside the eggs so that they want to search for them. 🙂


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