Born to work…

The sound of my uncle’s phone radiated through the small apartment. It woke me from my rather peaceful slumber but, I didn’t mind. That sound was what I looked forward to hearing all day long. It meant that in 10 minutes or so my mom would walk through that door. I couldn’t contain my excitement so, I began doing what they called “zoomies” all throughout the place. I made sure to run in front of and also leap over my older brother Cesear a few times too. He loves when mom comes home as well but, shows his affection a little differently. He plays the calm and collect child, where as for me, well, I prefer to get all up in mom’s face. She needs to know how much I love her and that she shouldn’t leave me every day.

I heard the key slide into the lock. Oh boy! This is it!!! Any second now and I get to say hello!! The door opened and in came mom. She had grocery bags in her hands. I attempted to jump all over her but, something was holding me back. What is this sorcery? I glanced back to find it was my uncle. Just you wait sir, I will throw up all over your blankets for this later.

Mom entered the kitchen and placed the bags on the counter. Once I was free from my captors grasp, I ran over to mom. I jumped up on her and she laughed. I smelled some good stuff from the bags and tried to put my snout inside of it. “Akira! Stop shopping! That’s not for you.” Darn it. I got down and began rubbing up against mom. Oh how I love her scent and the sound of her voice. She was holding up her purse to me. I immediately knew what this meant. She was giving me a job. Working, this is what I live for. I gladly took the strap of her purse. She then gave me the command to take it to the bedroom for her. I heard her say good job as I entered the room.

I laid down in the living room beside Cesear as mom and my uncle talked for a little bit. I attempted to get Cesear to play some but, he kept turning his head away from me and made a few grumbling sounds. This made Mom looked over at me. “Hey Akira, do you want to go work?” This of course was a silly question. I was born to work! I jumped up in excitement. I ran around the apartment while she collected our training gear. Treat holder, hot dogs, string cheese, leash, and tug toy. She put my training collar on. Then she put a set of headphones in her ears and told my uncle we’d be back in a bit.

We went to the door and she told me to “sitz”. I obeyed immediately. The door opened and I was given another command “fuss” so, I walked nicely beside her. We went down the stairs and around the corner. We had a small grassy area in front of our apartment. This was where we did a lot of our training. When we reached the end of the sidewalk she told me to “sitz” again. She got out a piece of hot dog and then told me to watch her. The “fuss” command was given again. As we walked together I stared straight up into her eyes. I knew lots of other things were going on around us but, I wasn’t going to break my gaze. She said to walk beside her and look at her so, that’s what I was going to do. She did an abrupt turn around which I knew meant I was to do the same thing but, while she turned one way I went an opposite way around her. This ended up putting me back on her left side. She was pleased with this because I was given a piece of hotdog.
She then began to change her pace. Sometimes we would run and other times we would walk at a slow daunting pace. She laughed and called me “little miss prancy pants” because of how I was walking. We did pivot turns, jumps, sitz and platz in motion. We also worked on bleib and fuss here. This is where she would make me sit or lay down and then walk away. I had to wait there until she returned or until she called me to her. I always got a “jackpot” of treats for doing this.

Finally, mom grabbed the tug toy out of her pocket. She gave me another command “packen”. I jumped in the air and bit onto the tug. She made sure I had a good grip and then she spun me around in the air. I loved this part of training. After a few spins and tugs she then gave me the “aus” command. I let go and waited. We did this a bunch of times until mom said her shoulder was hurting.

Mom gathered up our stuff and then we went for a walk around the complex. We walked around the lake and said hello to the ducks. I watched all the people walking by and stuck close to mom’s side. It was getting dark and now I had another job. Keeping mom safe. She has many nicknames for me, prancy pants Akira, foxy lady because people think I look like a fox, her little shadow and her protector. Now that it is getting late it’s time for me to become the protector. I must have been doing something right because I could sense mom’s confidence in me.

We walked safely back home. My uncle was outside walking Cesear when we arrived back to the apartment. We all climbed back up the stairs together. As soon as we were back inside mom began to put our training supplies away. My uncle was getting our food ready. I gobbled up what he put in my bowl and forgave him for holding me back earlier. You have redeemed yourself tonight Uncle. I will no longer throw up on your stuff. Next time I might not be as forgiving though.

I went into mom’s room and hopped up on the bed. She came in and cuddled up with me. The best feeling in the world is being with her. She scooted me up onto the pillows with her. “Goodnight Princess Akira. I love you.” I watched as she began to fall asleep. Then I decided it was time to follow her lead. I pushed my snout up against her and took in her scent once more before sleep finally took hold.

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