The first time I saw her…

As I laid on my bed, gazing out the window, I couldn’t help but realize that the days seemed longer than they used to. I’m old. My face has grayed and my bones ache. I can no longer run after the soccer ball or jump up on the furniture. I can no longer go for long walks without getting out of breath. Even going on short car rides can be exhausting these days.

There was a time that I wanted nothing more than to stay at home and be alone with the other dogs. I once hated going to work with mom. Now, I miss those days. Each morning before she leaves she gives me a long heartfelt hug goodbye and whispers that she loves me. I follow her to the door and wish that I could go with her. She’s been gone for what seems like forever today.

My siblings are locked up in their jail cells because they will destroy the place. In a way, it’s nice since they aren’t constantly running into me. Occasionally, I check on them but, I spend most of my time on my bed. Sometimes I watch squirrel T.V. but, mostly I just sleep.

The best part of the day is when my sister alerts us that mom is home. I make sure to greet her at the door or at least I try to. She usually gets inside before I’m even halfway there. Darn this old age! I still make sure to let her know I’m happy to see her. I throw my head straight up in the air and begin walking through her legs as she takes a step. This usually makes her laugh. Seeing her smile reminds me of the first time I saw her.

It was 10 years ago and we were both much younger then. It was late at night. There were lots of loud scary sounds happening and flashes of lights in the sky. People were saying “happy New Year’s” over and over again to each other. This happens every year and I’m still not a fan of it. Anyways, a blue nylon collar with a gold tag was placed around my neck that day. I was then passed off to a man. He placed me inside of a car and once he was inside he told me we were on our way to my new home. I had been adopted and apparently I was going to be a gift. The loud booms and flashing lights continued the entire ride. I just wanted to go back to the safety of my crate. I missed my siblings.

The car stopped and I was carried inside of the house. I smelled other animals and heard the sound of the T.V. in the bedroom along with more loud bangs from outside. Then I was handed off. I felt the excitement coming off this new person that was holding me. I looked her in the eyes and felt the love radiating off of her. I couldn’t help but, give her kisses. She glanced at the newly placed collar on my neck and mumbled something about my name being misspelled. After that she sat me on the ground. We played and she loved on me every chance she got. She kept repeating “Cesear.” Which I eventually learned was my name.

We played for what seemed like hours. She placed me inside an area called the bathroom. A wooden board was lowered down to block me from following her out. I didn’t understand what was happening. We were having so much fun and now she was gone. After a few attempts, I stretched my little body up to look over the board. I whimpered. She turned around and walked over to me. She picked me up and kissed me on the snout.

“Now you be a good boy and go to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for you. We have work in the morning. You are going to be such a good boy. Goodnight my sweet baby boy!” She put me back into the bathroom and turned out the light.

I cried for what felt like hours. Every now and then she would come into the room and attach something called a leash to my collar. We’d go outside and she’d repeat “go potty.” The wind was blowing strong that night and leaves were flying past us. I wanted to chase them. My new mom didn’t seem to be as thrilled though. She took me back inside. Once we were inside I had the strange urge to go to the bathroom. So, I created a rather large pool in the hallway. Mom didn’t seem happy at all about this. I was placed back into the bathroom and the light was turned out again. I tried to whimper for her to come back but, finally gave up in exhaustion.

In the morning, I learned that I was apparently going to be her demo dog for her dog training clients. I was placed into the car again. We arrived at her job and I was passed off to lots of people. I gave tons of kisses and in return people gave me these delicious things called treats. My new mom gave me a ton and taught me something called “Watch me” and “Sit”. She was so proud of me. This was just the beginning of my new life and all the neat things that would come. She would teach me so much over the next 10 years.

We did so many things together. I helped her teach lots of other dogs to be good boys and girls. I became a therapy dog and went to nursing homes. She tells me all the time that I brought so many smiles to those around me. The most important one though is hers. I have been there through all the tough times and joyful moments. She tells me every night now that I have given her the strength and motivation over the years to keep going. This is why I patiently wait for her to come home. I am forever and always her faithful companion. Like all things in life, my time on earth is nearing it’s end. However, I will always be by her side and in her heart. As for now, I’m going to continue to lay here until she comes smiling through that door again.

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